The Art of Couture by Sass Tetzlaff BA (Hons) LSDC
Welcome. My name is Sass and I specialise in creating unique art to wear items for discerning clients, whatever their special occasion; from bridal to ceremonial, birthday to historical re-enactment and everything in between. My creations are a distinct remove from the repetitive mainstream offerings that the High Street or even specialist boutiques can propose. Each piece is individually made to measure for you to your requirements. No piece is ever duplicated, guaranteeing you exclusivity. My aim is to establish a close relationship with you, the client, so the end result is an organic process evolved through collaboration and understanding.

So, how does it work?
After an initial consultation during which themes, silhouette and fabric are discussed, a range of sketches are produced for approval and selection. Elements can be mixed and matched where appropriate to produce a working design. This is then used to produce a toile or mock-up of all or part of the garment if needed. Fabric samples may also be sourced or created to illustrate how a fabric will be manipulated or decorated.
At this stage the design and fit of the garment is checked and the overall look is finalised.
Further fittings may be required to keep track of progress as necessary. I can offer flexible appointment times to suit busy lifestyles, I can even come to you by prior arrangement if you prefer.