The Art Of Couture – when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

The Art of Couture was set up by fashion designers Sass Tetzlaff and Maggie Regendanz to address what they saw as the sheer mindlessness of the waste they witnessed during their combined 60 years in the fashion industry. Sass worked in the bespoke bridal market and Maggie in high end knitwear but after they became disillusioned by traditional working practices discovered there was much more fun to be had working together rather than alone in what must be the ultimate environmentally friendly fashion production. By combining knit and fabric in new and ingenious ways and using pre-owned garments, vintage finds, end of roll and overstock materials wherever possible they interrupt the traditional garment lifecycle to help reduce landfill in a way that refuses to compromise either earth friendly ideals or individual style. Vintage and thrift store finds are enhanced through a generous stock of “waste” too good to throw away from previous projects over the years.


Inspiration can come from a variety of sources from the garment itself, geographical locations, art, fashion history or even conversations in the street or online. One thing is for sure, their obsession for sustainable fashion, fabulous fabrics and quality craftsmanship produces completely one-of-a-kind garments truly as individual as the end wearer.

‘So much of what is refered to as fashion these days is merely a regurgitation of styles from the past anyway but without the quality of finish from back then. We want to bring quality of design and finish back to the consumer in a sustainable way.’

We believe there is a market for one of a kind garments that allow the wearer to express their individuality that shows their comittment to sustainabilty without compromising on quality.’