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The Art Of Couture – when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts


Individually we are fashion designers Sass Tetzlaff and Maggie Regendanz. We have over 60 years’ professional experience between us and together we are The Art of Couture.

After both reaching the top of our individual trees and enjoying the view for a while we discovered there was much more fun to be had working together, especially since our respective disciplines of cloth and knit would rarely cross over. We take our inspiration from a variety of sources that can then feed into our work in myriad ways to suit the project in mind. We are blessed to live in an area that offers us untold riches in the way of beautiful countryside, coastal vistas and a vibrant artistic comunity. With a shared obsession for fabulous fabrics, quality construction and sustainable fashion, we specialise, but not exclusively, in combining woven and knitted fabrics and use pre-owned garments, vintage finds, end of roll and overstock materials wherever possible.

After decades in the fashion business we have accumulated a generous stock of “waste” too good to throw away from previous projects with which to supplement our vintage and thrift store finds. We travel extensively, questing far and wide to source suitable items of quality that already have a clear voice, telling us what they want to be and after a little wand waving let the eventual design evolve from discourse between cloth and design, trim and technique. Each garment has its own unique personality in harmony with and as individual as the intended wearer.