All prices are approximate and do not include haberdashery or extra fabric needed to complete the task.
More complex alterations may need to be quoted once the garment has been seen. A preliminary consultation may be a good idea to help you decide if it is worth going ahead with alterations.
Bridal Fitting fee:
This is for the time taken to assess and pinning your dress and a follow up for collection £30.00
Price from
Small with lining, front only £60.00
Medium with lining, front only £75.00
Large with lining, front only £90.00
For extra layers or petticoats add per layer £20.00
Lace hems with lining £80.00
Ruffle hem with lining £100.00
Shorten/remove sides and or train £120.00

Price from
2 x side seams to waist with boning £50.00
2 x side seams to hips with boning £60.00
2 x side seams with lace/ beading to waist £70.00
2 x side seams with lace/beading to hips £80.00
2 x bust seams with boning (Plain) £50.00
2x bust seams with lace/beading £75.00
Centre back seam with zip (plain) £85.00
Centre back seam with zip (laced/beaded) £100.00
Centre back seam with zip, buttons and loops £120.00
Side seams waist to hem (plain) £75 – £105
Side seams waist to hem (ruffle or ruched) £100.00

Price from
Lift shoulders x 2 (plain) £30.00
Lift shoulders x 2 (beaded/ lace, etc) £45.00
Shorten spaghetti straps £25.00
Add straps (Fabric not included) £25.00
Add lingerie clips £15.00

Price from
Convert to a lace up back £150.00
Add buttons (plus cost of buttons) £25.00
Bustle loops (each) (external) £10.00
Bustle loops and ribbons (internal) £15.00
Wrist loop £10.00
Hook and eye £5.00
Add bust cups inc. cost of cups £20.00
Modesty bone at CF £15.00
Bespoke sash (customer supplies fabric) £25.00

Jackets, boleros and shrugs

Price from
Shorten sleeves (plain) £30.00
Shorten sleeves lace/beaded £50.00
Take in side seams £25.00
Take in centre back £35.00
Reduce hem/reshape neckline £35.00

Bespoke accessories not including fabrics and notions

Prices from
Shrugs (lined) £120.00
Unstructured jackets (Lined) £135.00
Single layer wrap £35.00
Double layer wrap £45.00

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