I spent quite a while selecting a design for this jacket to accompany the steampunk wedding dress. The options are numerous and I wanted something that would still be suitable for a wedding as opposed to something for a safari. I really wanted to show off the bodice but knew the whole thing was unfinished without a jacket of some sort.

I love lace and have made literally dozens of lace jackets of one style or another for weddings over the years. This style is easy to make and wear. It comes together quickly and the amount of trim is up to you. It’s also a great way to cover up in church without detracting from a fabulous wedding dress or décolletage!

It can also be a great style for dressing up just about any outfit either in lace or fabric.

I adapted a pre-existing bodice pattern of mine that was a high backed style suitable for a winter wedding because it was more of a jacket to begin with and would fit more snugly than a jacket pattern, which is what I wanted. It also already had the cut away neckline I was looking for.

I spent some time reacquainting myself with the shape of the pattern on the mannequin so I would know how to adapt it. I didn’t need to do a toile of it because I knew I could tweak it quite easily if I needed to during construction.

First I cut out the pattern in lace fabric and then spent some time cutting additional motifs from that fabric and others for the edges.

The construction was a case of sew a few seams then some motifs then more seams, gradually building it up until it was finished.

A quick try on to check the size/shape before adding  a couple of loops and buttons at the throat.