Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for bespoke items

1.The initial consultation will establish the design and materials.

A sketch will be provided for the client’s agreement and a price will be quoted.
Subsequent alterations to the design, materials or trim may affect the price.
A deposit of £250.00 or 50% of the price is due on the placing of the order, depending on the final price. This can be cash, cheque or bank transfer although no fabrics will be bought or work carried out until the deposit is paid. Delay in paying may adversely affect the fittings schedule and delay the completion of the order.


Measurements are taken and signed off by you for future reference and a toile will be made of all or part of the garment, to check the fit and suitability of the design. The order may be cancelled at this stage; however, in accordance with condition 4 the initial deposit will not be refunded.
If the order is not cancelled at this stage the full balance of payment falls due. Arrangements can be made for this amount to be paid in three equal instalments at the discretion of Sass Tetzlaff. This does not remove the responsibility of the client to pay the total agreed price.
It is the responsibility of the client to make themselves available for fittings as required. Failure to attend will delay the completion of the garment. Please bear in mind that your appointment is scheduled in around my other commitments and other peoples work to be carried out and a missed appointment pushes everything back, jeopardising deadlines for all concerned. In exceptional circumstances an appointment may need to be changed. This could be due to illness, power cut, “acts of God”, etc or a weightloss/gain by another bride resulting in extra work in order to meet her deadline. In this case you will be offered the soonest possible alternative that fits in with your schedule and your understanding is requested. It might be you that loses the weight or gets pregnant!
Weight loss/gain that results in alterations to the garment will be charged for.
TEN working days are required for final cheques to clear before collection can be made.
All goods remain the property of Sass Tetzlaff until full payment has been made.
Goods not collected within three months of the date of completion will be disposed of.
No responsibility is accepted for the fit of any items made to measurements supplied by another party.
No responsibility is accepted for garments made without fittings
Fabric swatches are supplied as a guide only. Although every endeavour is made, colour matches cannot be guaranteed, especially if items to match are not ordered at the same time.

After the style and price is agreed you have a cooling off period of seven days. During this time you may cancel the order with no penalties. After this time if the order is not cancelled then deposit is not refundable. If quantities of fabric have been bought or extensive work carried out then the full remainder of the balance falls due and you will be expected to pay this at the time of cancellation

You will be expected to sign an acceptance of goods form on collection. Returns will only be accepted if a garment is faulty. This does not apply to garments that have been abused or damaged by you in use due to excessive physical movements, dancing or similar. An agreed period of time shall be allowed in which to put it right in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act.